About  Sneak Peek Glass
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From a Ladle full of glass bits....
Artist Statement

We have all heard that heaven has pearly gates....but the vision also describes walls like precious          
stones...  and golden streets like glass.....    Glass to me is a special material.   It is the media used  
to talk about  sights that can only be imagined.  

I see art in the media of glass as a glimpse or a sneak peek of things we have yet to see.

Glassblowing is very challenging and rewarding.  Working hot glass is a constant fight against               
gravity.   You are working with a material where plastic in one moment, is solid seconds later.  The    
shaping and guiding must be quick.  The extreme heat and fragile nature of the material provide many
chances  and ways to make errors.   In the end, the final result of focused effort is worth it when the   
finished piece emerges intact from the kiln..    

I love yard art as it can capture the flow of the molten glass in the organic floral forms.   I love the color and
brightness that glass brings.  Glass is something you can appreciate and enjoy for a long time.

-Lauren Wingert