About  Sneak Peek Glass
Sneak Peek Glass was founded in 2009 by Lauren Wingert

Lauren does solo glass blowing, working alone without any assistants.    

Her studio is about the size of a small garage and is located inland from
the Oregon Coast by about an hour.   

All pieces are handmade and one of a kind.
Contact  :   Lauren @ SneakPeekGlass.com
I had some money in my pocket one day and decided to treat myself to whatever I
found interesting at the local antique mall.   I bought a large orange and black art
glass vase.

I found it strangely attractive, and captivating.  I call it "monarch" as the colors
remind me of a monarch butterfly.  It is also the "monarch", the queen, and first piece
I ever collected.   Over time my collection grew.   I enjoy all kinds of glass including    
Bohemian and Czech glass, early American art glass, carnival glass, vaseline glass,
Italian glass, modern studio glass, mid-century glass, Fenton glass etc.
There is no single glass arena or style limiting my enthusiasm for glass.      

It is fun and at the same time a challenge to find and then identify a nice piece of
art glass.   So much vintage glass is not signed or marked.   It's kind of like treasure
hunting when you find something attractive and valuable, and  you are able to identify
the maker.  

After becoming more knowledgeable about glass, I began buying to resell in antique
malls and online.   You really have to know glass to make money as a glass dealer as
it is not easy.

Collecting ultimately inspired me to try making glass.   I knew I had a
serious attraction to glass and decided to take some classes and see if I
enjoyed making it.       

Many years later, my focus is on my own glassblowing rather than collecting.  
Artist Bio
Backyard Glassblowing –Making It Work is an autobiographical narrative of
glassblowing, featuring a private backyard hot shop studio from concept to

Backyard Glassblowing relates the author's journey of working toward
becoming a selling glassblower.  It is written retrospectively by an intermediate
glassblower learning the trade.  Encounters related to glassblowing are shared,
including glassblowing lessons, hot shop setup, equipment setup, working in
the hot shop, cold working, selling, marketing, and art events.

The book Includes practical information, tips and advice, a monthly budget, the
studio layout, and a full glassblowing equipment list with cost information.  
Available in the Amazon Kindle Store.