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Artist Resume & Shows            Lauren Wingert
Backyard Glassblowing –Making It Work is an autobiographical
narrative of glassblowing, featuring a private backyard hot shop studio
from concept to creation.  

Backyard Glassblowing relates the author's journey of working toward
becoming a selling glassblower.  It is written retrospectively by an
intermediate glassblower learning the trade.  Encounters related to
glassblowing are shared, including glassblowing lessons, hot shop
setup, equipment setup, working in the hot shop, cold working, selling,
marketing, and art events.

The book Includes practical information, tips and advice, a monthly
budget, the studio layout, and a full glassblowing equipment list with
cost information.  Available in the Amazon Kindle Store.  
This book explains kiln casting techniques suitable for all artists who are
familiar with glass fusing.
  Learn basic mold making skills from a low cost
approach. Learn to create original 3-D kiln cast art pieces, glass sculptures,
custom slumping molds,
and kiln cast design elements for your fused and
hand blown glass.

Available in the Amazon Kindle Store.